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History: a cultural approach tell the story well

CAH in the Classroom

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CAH World Issues Project
Below are several pictures from a World History Project in which students were tasked to create a sculpture representing several different modern issues. Thank you to Mrs. Lauren Kiser for

Elementary Students at Work!
Here are six photographs showcasing students from a local elementary school working on CAH activities.

The Situation Room
Through the use of The Cultural Approach to History and Teaching with Primary Sources, students were able to recreate a Situation Room scenario in which they helped the Kennedy administration resolve the Cuban Missile...

Developing Great Questions
On February 11 2017, The Ivey Center and The Cultural Approach to History, hosted a class at Columbus State’s Riverpark Campus. The goal of this class was to encourage the development of new and...

Most Likely to Succeed
What does a “21st Century Learner” look like?  On April 8 2017, Educators from around Georgia and Alabama helped us answer that question. We saw how education may be re-imagined through the screening of the...


The Ivey Legacy

Teacher Testimonial

The Cultural Approach to Summer Camps

Over the Summer the Ivey Center was delighted to play host to the Timekeepers Camp! Our educators and their students become enthralled in the immersive experience that allowed them to travel back in time! Some highlights of the event can be seen in the video below.

Timekeepers Summer Camp