Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision:


….To tell the story well.


Our Mission:


The Caroline Lawson Ivey Center provides cutting edge, rigorous professional development opportunities to K-12 preservice and in-service teachers of humanities subjects, especially, social studies, world and United States history, civics, American Government, and geography, so teachers may enrich their pedagogical skills and enhance the learning and achievement potential of their students by using the Cultural Approach.  


Our Values:


Relevance:  Foster learning wherein teachers and students discover and pursue meaningful human and personal connections.


Responsive: Meet the professional development needs of teachers and the students they serve by continuously evolving to meet those needs in a timely manner.  


Focused: Deliver evidence-based collaborative enrichment opportunities tailored to specific audiences.


Efficient: Demonstrate good stewardship of time, space, and material resources.


Communicative: Always ready to impart innovative, rigorous, and relevant strategies to teachers and learning communities.


High-tech and high-touch: Exceed expectations at incorporating technology for many uses while keeping the collaborative learning community connected, whether on-site or through streaming technologies.