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History: a cultural approach tell the story well

World History PowerPoints (High)

A New Millenium (PowerPoint)

Advanced Industrial Society (PowerPoint)

Africa from Kush to 15th Century (PowerPoint)

Africa in the Era of the Informal Empire (PowerPoint)

Africa’s Decolonization an Years of independence (PowerPoint)

Ancient Egypt (PowerPoint)

Buddhism (PowerPoint)

China and Southeast Asia in the Age of Imperialism (PowerPoint)

China from the Ming to the Early Qing Dynasty (PowerPoint)

China to 500 B.C.E. (PowerPoint)

China to the Mongol Conquest (PowerPoint)

Collapse and Reemergence of Communist Europe (PowerPoint)

Consolidation of National States (PowerPoint)

Decolonization of the Third World (PowerPoint)

Earliest Human Societies (PowerPoint)

East Asia in a Century of Change (PowerPoint)

England’s Industrialization an its Social Consequences (PowerPoint)

Europe in Ideological Conflict (PowerPoint)

European Imperialism and Africa During the Age of Industry (PowerPoint)

European Middle Ages (PowerPoint)

European Renaissance (PowerPoint)

Foundation of the European States (PowerPoint)

Fragile Balance (Europe in the Twenties) (PowerPoint)

French Revolution an the Empire or Napoleon (PowerPoint)

From Conquest to Colonies in Hispanic America (PowerPoint)

Greek Humanism (PowerPoint)

High and Low Cultures in the West (PowerPoint)

Imperial Decline and the Birth of Christian Europe (PowerPoint)

India Beginnings (PowerPoint)

India in its Golden Age (PowerPoint)

Islam (PowerPoint)

Islamic World 1600 to 1917 (PowerPoint)

Japan and Southeast Asia (PowerPoint)

Japan in the Era of European Expansion (PowerPoint)

Late Medieval Troubles (PowerPoint)

Latin America from Independence to Dependent States (PowerPoint)

Latin America in the 20th Century (PowerPoint)

Liberalism and the Challenge to Absolute Monarchy (PowerPoint)

Mature Islamic Society and Institutions (PowerPoint)

Mesopotamia (PowerPoint)

Modern Science and its Implications (PowerPoint)

Mongol Intrusion (PowerPoint)

Protestant Reformation (PowerPoint)

Rise and Fall of Muslim Empires (PowerPoint)

Rome (From City-State to Empire) (PowerPoint)

Scientific Revolution and its Enlightened Aftermath  (PowerPoint)

Superpower Rivalry and the European Recovery (PowerPoint)

The Americas Before Columbus (PowerPoint)

The Greek Adventure (PowerPoint)

The New Asia (PowerPoint)

The Reemergence of the Muslim World (PowerPoint)

The Soviet Experiment to World War II (PowerPoint)

The World Opens (PowerPoint)

Totalitarianism Refined the Nazi State (PowerPoint)

Warriors and Deities in the Near East (PowerPoint)

World War I and its Disputed Settlement (PowerPoint)

World War II (PowerPoint)


The Ivey Legacy

Teacher Testimonial

The Cultural Approach to Summer Camps

Over the Summer the Ivey Center was delighted to play host to the Timekeepers Camp! Our educators and their students become enthralled in the immersive experience that allowed them to travel back in time! Some highlights of the event can be seen in the video below.

Timekeepers Summer Camp